Hair and make-up

by Heather

Heather learnt from the best when it came to applying wedding make-up

Her years of working in the fashion industry have helped her to hone her skill set for wedding make-up. The talented Louise Constad trained Heather in makeup in London. Landing her first assisting makeup assignment for the famous photographer, Rankin back in the Nineties. This valuable experience helped her craft her skill with precision and patience under the watchful eye of her mentor. Timekeeping and remaining calm in pressured environments were skills learned on the job and these skills have been most valuable today in the wedding industry.

Heather has developed a unique range of wedding makeup skills that allows her brides to feel calm, beautiful and in control on their big day.

Heather believes that sitting in the makeup chair and being pampered is an essential part of your wedding morning. It’s the time to take in what is going on around. Sit while feeling like a princess and having your wedding makeup done. Heather’s calm personality makes you feel you have a friend by your side. A comfort in those emotional few hours that run up to the big moment when you walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’. She goes on to say:

“Wedding makeup is incredibly individual to each bride. Therefore, tailoring her wedding look is crucial to making a bride feel her absolute best on her wedding day. Whether the focus is on the skin, eyes or lips I work closely to make sure the bride‚Äôs wedding make-up is perfect. This gives her the ultimate confidence.”