Hair and make-up

by Heather

Heather has masses of experience in styling wedding hair, and her love for hair design is getting stronger and stronger

Heather started her career working in the professional hair industry as an apprentice back in the late Nineties. She quickly found her feet in the wedding hair industry and became inundated with regular paying clients.

Now with nearly two decades of experience in the hair industry, her passion and creativity haven’t waned, in fact, her love for wedding hair has got stronger! Heather continues to serve the fashion industry looking after the styling of the top model’s hair. She continues to work for leading brands and agencies all over the UK.

Creating new wedding hairstyles and keeping up with the latest trends

Being creative and passionate about creating new wedding hairstyles is a particular favourite of how Heather spends her free time. Attending hair shows and reading wedding publications keeps Heather at the top of her game. Add her passion and creativity and you have an award-winning stylist!

Whether you want a structured chignon, curly blow dry, sleek bun or a loose braid. Heather can tailor gorgeous hair to your face, dress and style with the know-how to make it last all day. Heather says:

“Styling hair is truly amazing and as much as I love styling hair on fashion models I love the styling of wedding hair. You can change the entire look of a bride by the way her hair is styled. Most importantly I love to see the faces of my brides once I’ve styled their hair. When they are about to walk down the aisle it makes them brim with confidence and look so beautiful. It’s just so emotional for me, being part of their day is just amazing and I love it!”