Hair and make-up

by Heather

Pre-Wedding Hair Care

One thing I regularly get asked by my brides is “what can you do with my hair”. Everyone struggles with hair even award-winning hairdressers can have a bad hair day. The one day you don’t want that to happen though is your Wedding Day, so what should be your pre-wedding hair care plan. Following a Hair Care Plan will hopefully reduce the chances of that (and obviously a great hairstylist on the day will help too). 

Like skin, good hair care mainly comes from within. However, organising a wedding can be a stressful time which can have an effect on your hair. So what can we do to help our hair? Starting points would be the obvious diet, water, sleep, less heat and regular trims. You have heard all this before? There is a reason for this. Plain and simple … it works! Maintaining healthy on the inside will 100% help how you look and feel on the outside. If you are already doing this and need an extra boost then I have found the trick for you.

Let’s talk hair treatments

 A friend of mine introduced me to the amazing Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley. Being a salon based Hairdresser myself for so many years I can not believe I have only just discovered this. It is literally a miracle in a pot. It can revive damaged hair and literally give it life, shine and more importantly health! The earlier you can start this treatment the better but if you only have a few weeks/months before your wedding then I urge you to go and buy this immediately. It is a pre-shampoo treatment which means you don’t have to sleep in slimy hair whilst worrying it’s going to smear all over the bedsheets. It comes in a few different scents which smell divine, Coconut Breeze, Rose & Lychee and my personal favourite Pomegranate & Cassis. If you use this 1-2 times a week you will notice a huge difference in the way it curls and straightens, the shine and your hair’s overall health.

Your Wedding stylist will definitely thank you for it.