Hair and make-up

by Heather

Covid Clean

Is your artist covid clean?

Many years ago before I entered the world of makeup I used to model alongside hairdressing. This is probably where my fascination with makeup began. I would sit in that all important chair while the masters of art transformed my tired dull skin to perfectly flawless skin. It was transfixing. All the different pots creams, gloss, serums and sprays. Rows and rows of coloured powders and lipsticks. Oh, and the brushes. The feeling in your face when that super soft fluffy brush touches your skin and all your stress melts away like you’re in a spa. You fully give in to that person who smells divine and pampers you, you can not help but close your eyes and put all your trust in them. 

But how much do we know about that person? How clean are they? How hygienic is their kit? These questions should have always been considered when booking your makeup artist for your special day but in this pandemic, with 1000’s of people getting sick every day from a virus that spreads like wildfire it is more important than ever that you trust your makeup artist. 

I was sadly that person that got burnt by this exact worry. I sat one day being made up by a trainee makeup artist on a fashion show. She was clearly under pressure to get us all ready in time before the show started. Going from model to model not changing her brushes, not sanitising or decanting her products. Well, the result ….. Conjunctivitis. Not what anyone wants from what should be a pleasurable experience. 

It is so important that makeup artists work covid safely. I have set out some things to look out for when having your trial. 

  • Lipstick should not be used straight from the stick on the lips, it should always be scraped off and applied with a clean brush so there is no risk of cross-contamination unless of course, it is your own lipstick.  
  • Do the brushes look and smell clean? I even clean on the go when there is only one model/bride because anyone can lean over and cough or breathe on the brushes that go back on the face. 
  • If you see a makeup artist constantly washing their hands or using hand gel that’s a good sign. 
  • Look at their kit, does it look clean? Chances are if it’s a dirty kit then what’s going on your face is dirty too. 
  • Mascara should only be applied with a disposable wand (unless it’s your mascara) and thrown away after. 
  • Lip Liner should be sharpened before application. 

The most important thing is that everything should be clean. I carry the amazing Isoclean spray with me everywhere. It has antibacterial properties to help prevent skin infections. It’s an instant cleanser for my brushes, surfaces and products. I even have bottles of it dotted around my house, I love it so much. 

I hope this gives you all a little bit of guidance on what is safe practice and do not be afraid to ask your artist when they last sterilised their tools. It is a basic practise for us but this is your face and your big day so you want to know you’re in safe (clean) hands.